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digital business unit of
ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme GmbH

AllLite – the new make of the ALLMATIC-Jakob clamping system

At the beginning of 2017, ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme established the new make AllLite as an agile and digital start-up in order to fulfil the needs of industry and trade for high-end clamping systems at a favourable price. Thus, ALLMATIC-Jakob Spannsysteme unifies two makes under one roof: ALLMATIC and AllLite. ALLMATIC offers high-precision clamping systems at the highest quality standards, which are fulfilling the maximal requirements in milling and machining factories. For example, with the ALLMATIC machine vice: As a premium product, it disposes of a permanent lubrication wherein the mechanical booster in a fully encapsulated spindle operates nearly wear-free.

Examples of use
Many CentroLite vices have been sold. Here to show a diverse range of their applications at our customer.

Important Events of AllLite at a glance.

AllLite connects digital dynamic with lean structures

The company’s objective is to provide high-end quality clamping systems at excellent value for money. AllLite will reach its objective with products which are tailored to the specific, individual needs of the user. This is carried out without unnecessary and price inflating functions. Machining factories do not always require elaborated clamping systems with as many versatile applications. In contrast, an increasing number of factories need machine vices with merely a few, but individually configured, performance features.

Industry 4.0

The modular construction of the AllLite products, the Internet based, fully automatic production on demand and the exclusive online distribution shall ensure lean and cost-effective structures. These enable AllLite to react quickly to the needs which are becoming increasingly more differentiated and professional and to the price pressure of the market.

Many machining factories have been waiting for AllLite products.

AllLite is tailored to the needs of companies, which - as smaller machining factories need cost-effective clamping devices, - as big machining factories, they put already into practice the automation of technical processes or are planning it, - to employ cost-effective clamping devices for palette systems or machining centres, - as a provider of automation processes looking for cost-effective clamping devices, zero-point clamping systems or machining centres.

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