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▸Where does AllLite manufacture ist products?
▸What material is used at base part of AllLite vice?
▸How can AllLite sell items for such cheap price?
▸Is the threaded spindle better tightened mechanically or hydraulically?
▸How are the jaws of CentroLite reversed and replaced?
▸Is it possible to deliver the CentroLite products with the mechanical force amplifier?
▸Is it possible to order the base parts with a special customer-definded muster pattern?
▸May I change the delivery address after placing my order?
▸Is it possible to change my invoice address after placing an order?
▸How can I cancel my order and send my purchased products back?

An order placed via AllLite Online-Shop corresponds to an international legally binding contract. Statutory regulations shall apply for the rights in case of defects as to quality and defects of title of the goods. A cancellation of your purchase or a return of your products can be done exclusively by our consent. Please contact us.
The customer bears all costs for return deliveries not caused by defective delivery by the seller.

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